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Concrete Mixer Types

What is a Concrete Mixer?

Concrete mixers machines that mix cement, aggregate (sand and gravel), water and chemical/mineral admixtures and transform them into concrete. ÇIt is used to prepare mortar to be stored in a silo or to be used immediately. It is suitable for use in large volume production centers and construction sites that need faster access to raw materials.

Concrete mixer The working principle is organized to mix the concrete mortar and aggregate that must be included in the hopper within a certain cubic meter. Concrete mixers are produced in order to mix the mortar, which is stored in horizontally angled and small diameter silos, in a moving manner within the mechanical system.

The mixing method and conditions of concrete are the most important factors affecting concrete quality. These factors ensure that the concrete mixer mixture is homogeneous. This increases the strength and lifetime of concrete. It also saves labor.

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Concrete Mixer Types

There are 3 types of mixers to be used in plants producing ready-mixed concrete. 

These are: 

  1. Twin shaft - Single shaft mixers
  2. Planetary mixers
  3. Pan mixers

How does a concrete mixer work?

It is important to use concrete mixers, which have almost the same working principles, under appropriate conditions and correctly. Therefore, following the training and instructions given by our technical support team after the concrete mixer installation will lead to the most efficient result.

Preparation of the Mixer:

The area where the mixer will be used should be flat and preferably close to a water source.

  • Then the amount of cement material and water to be mixed should be adjusted in appropriate proportions.
  • The mixer hopper should not be loaded above its capacity. Loading over the capacity causes deterioration of the concrete mixture.
  • An expert team should perform the installation and preparation of the concrete mixer. Because any failure at this stage can cause great damage to the concrete production process.

Properly mixed concrete can move easily in the mixer drum and can be used without the risk of overflow. Water or concrete admixtures can be added to achieve this homogeneous mixture.

The choice of concrete mixer is important for productivity. The size of the mixer determines the amount of concrete to be produced in a given period of time and affects the construction time. As the amount of concrete needed increases, it becomes important that the mixer is large to increase the amount of mix to be made in one go.

It is important to choose a large mixer for a continuous construction process and to save time. In this way, both a homogeneous mixture is obtained and the construction process proceeds more efficiently.

MRM Concrete Mixers

  • Yüksek teknolojiye sahip kompakt mikserlerimiz 0-150 mm aralığındaki agregalar ile çalışabilmektedir.
  • Şaftlar üzerine çeşitli açılarda yerleştirilen karıştırma paletleri ve şaft uçlarına yerleştirilen sıyırıcılar ile karıştırılarak yüksek kalitede beton elde edilir.
  • Mikser yatakları otomatik yağlama sistemi ile donatılmıştır.
  • Acil durum tahliyesi için manuel pompa mevcuttur.
  • Mikser gövdesi kaynaklı çelik konstrüksiyondur. Taban astarları ve iç astarlar değiştirilebilir aşınmaya dayanıklı özel döküm Ni-Hard4 alaşımlı aşınma plakalarından oluşur.
  • Karıştırma kolları şaftlara cıvatalıdır.
  • Karıştırma paletleri aşınmaya dayanıklı Mn alaşımlı çelik dökümdür.
  • Sıyırıcı paletler aşınmaya dayanıklı özel Mn alaşımlı çelik dökümdür.
  • Karıştırma milleri otomatik yağlama sistemi ile yağlanır.
  • Karıştırma grubunun redüktörleri ve karıştırma millerinin yatakları bir karter içindeki yağ banyosunda yağlanır.
  • Mikserin üst kapağında 2 adet bakım kapağı ve 1 adet gözlem kapağı bulunmaktadır. Mikser bakım kapağı açıldığında, güvenlik için sistemi tamamen durduran bir kaza önleme sistemi vardır.
  • Mikser içerisinde izleme ve bakım için çıkış basamakları ile donatılmış özel bir platform bulunmaktadır.

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Why MRM?

MRM Mission

For MRM Concrete Batching Plants, a ready-mixed concrete batching plant covers a wide range of processes from quality production to successful installation, from after-sales training to service and spare parts supply. In all these processes, MRM aims to satisfy its customers and win their hearts by providing quality products and services. Instead of being a part of the problem, it aims to solve the problems that may occur in the fastest and most accurate way. To create trust-based, permanent and sincere relationships with all its customers.

MRM Vision

MRM Concrete Batching Plants has adopted the principle of continuous self-improvement and growth. Although it has been a short time since its establishment, it has successfully achieved the targets it has set. Its primary goal is to provide more added value to our country's economy by further increasing its export figures in the medium term.

It has adopted a management approach that ensures development and continuous improvement with the participation of all participants with quality, environment and health and safety in the business policies they apply before and after sales.

Thanks to its high product quality and vast experience, its expertise in the field and its powerful machinery, it produces plants that do not cause problems in the most severe conditions. They work in an integrated way with low operating costs and high yields.

It is the most specialized company in its field in its sector and has adopted only the production of ready-mixed concrete plants and by-products as its target. It regularly develops and improves its products with its R & D and R & D specialized units.

It implements the production and service policy it has created with its mission that fully responds to the needs and demands of the envisaged customer in the best way.

It has the ability to immediately solve any problems that may arise by providing after-sales service and spare parts.

Organizes and smoothly directs operations such as production, shipment and assembly according to customer demands.

Apart from all the reasons, the desire for customer satisfaction and winning hearts and minds, the desire to build sincere and lasting relationships based on trust, the desire to always stand behind the services offered, are all the more reasons to work with MRM Concrete Batching Plant.

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